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Ask me about Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China and Japan. Ask me anything you could possibly think off. Chances are, i have probably experienced, tasted, seen, smelled or enjoyed it.

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July 2011

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    Going to China in July for 22 days-Beijing, Xian, Donghan (village), Chengdhu, Lhasa, Tibet, Yichang, Wuhan. Any important tips?

    Atm's in china are fine. They don't do tipping ove there, they see charaty as an offence. Yuan (chinese curency) is accepted everywhere. Don't worry about usd. It isn't in any way like se asia. About the bug spray, not sure about out west (tibet), maybe? go see a travel nurse asap and see what shots you need also. Beijing is great fun. Do everything that you can there. Especialy hireing a bike and riding around the forbiden city. Xian has great food/night markets and a pretty good night scene altogether. Ask around about the backpakers with the underground bar when you are in xian. They usualy shut around 2 but me, my girlfried and our english friends for the day made them stay open till around 5. Which didn't seem to bother any one. Chengdu, do the pandas. Find out which town bus you need to get there instead of getting a tour bus or taxi. Its a special tourist town bus. I think it was number 2. You catch it near the depot. Get there before lunch to see most of them awake. Again great food. Chengdu being in the sechuyan province. Didn't spend much time in yichang or wuhan for them to make an impression on me. But while you are in wuhan. Stay at the backpackers that is in an old converted school where you are aloud to paint on the walls. I scratched free tibet into ine of there tables, the red one out the back with the pool table. See if it is still there. Thats all i can think off at the moment. If more comes to me, i'll let you know. Might give you a little more detailed rundown of beijing. Fucking awesome city. The food, the drinking, the people, the train stations, everything about that placemakes me want to go back. Oh yeah, if you find an aussie bar in beijing called neds bar, go in and get a vb. over 9 years ago

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    Hong Kong hotel recommendation?

    Try the chunking mansions. It is right on nathan road in kowloon. All the shopping you could need and within walking distance to the bird, fish, ladies and temple street markets. It is also about a 10 minute walk to the ferry terminal to cross over to hong kong island. over 9 years ago