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I am a travel agent and I am really keen on traveling and discovering new places!

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United Kingdom Greater London, United Kingdom


June 2011

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    Where is the best place to stay and eat around Lucerne?

    There are several good options for hotel accommodation in and around Lucerne! It depends on your personal requirements and the price you are going to pay! I can give you a link with some nice hotels in Lucerne so that you can have a look and make your decision! And about the eating, you can either eat in the hotel or in the nearby located restaurants! The food is not expensive in the city so you can be sure that it will be a good value for money! This is from a website that is a book now and pay on arrival system, so you can make your booking in advance so that you can secure the room and pay for it as soon as you arrive in the hotel. As for me this is quite convenient because meanwhile you can make any changes in the booking.What's more the prices they offer are quite reasonable! over 9 years ago

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    where is the best place to visit in dubai?

    There are several places that you can visit while being in Dubai! I highly recommend you to visit Burj Al Arab - the place where you can experience the luxury of the Arab world! If you are interested in the Muslim religion, you can pay a visit to some of the mosques in Dubai! I am pretty sure that you will enjoy your stay in this wonderful city! over 9 years ago

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    I want to go to Singapore as a tourist do I need a visa? And what the maximum days can I stay in Singapore as a tourist?can I extend my tour

    It depends on the country that you are from! usually Americans need a visa while traveling to Singapore! In my opinion it is better to contact the entry requirements with your embassy or consulate so that you can be sure what papers you need for Singapore! You can also ask them about the legal length of stay! Good luck and enjoy ! over 9 years ago