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June 2011

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    Plan on backpacking the globe for as long as we can afford it. How much p.p. per day should we budget for 2 ppl? Round world tix or not?

    You need to be more specific. It really depends on where you want to go, what level of comfort you want and what types of activities you would like to do. Take some time to look at currency conversion in the countries you would like to visit. Knowing the difference of your local currency vs say the euro or the pound can extend your travel quite a bit. Keeping a close eye on exchange rates and when you take your money out of the bank can make a big difference in how far your money goes. Will you gain in the conversion like in South East Asia, or will you lose as is the case with the Euro or the British Pound. Doing your banking on days where the exchange is in your favour is a good idea. Trouble is though, if your in some remote place, you take what ever exchange rate or banking chance comes your way and that can cost you a whack of cash!!! over 9 years ago

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    Interested in doing a Canoing/kayak safari in Africa - any one have good experiences and a recommended place?

    Have you considered the Okavango Delta in Botswana. The macora's are cool and the fireflies are amazing! over 9 years ago

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    Looking for suggestions for great 6 week road/river/sea trip around British Columbia

    Definately see the Island but you way also want to consider heading from Vancouver to Hope via highway 1 then take Highway 3 through Manning Provincial Park to the Okanagan Valley. Highway 3 joins onto Highway 97 which will take you right through the Okanagan Valley to Vernon. At This point, most people tend to favour going through the Shuswap to Revelstoke and on to Banff. Instead of doing this, I would suggest taking highway 6 from Vernon to Nakusp and the Arrow Lakes and Kootenays district. If it's rivers and Lakes you're looking for, this is the route you want. Highway 6 takes you along a remote mellow little road along Arrow Lake to Nakusp and from there, through a small community called New Denver and into Nelson and the Kootenay lake region. Combine that with the Okanagan Valley and its days and days of Rivers and Lakes with all the camping and kayaking you could ever want. It also gives you a chance to hit up Kootenay National Park, Yoho National Park and Banff. The cool thing about driving in BC is there are so many loops to choose from, you can pick any direction and it will eventually meander along to where you want to be. For hiking depending on your level of health, check out the Emerald Triangle in Yoho National Park. It will drop your jaw for sure!!! If you like, here is a link to my flickr page with photos of the drive I just mentioned. over 9 years ago