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South Korea Seoul, South Korea


June 2011

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    What is the must-see places to visit in Seoul, South Korea if I only have 3 days?

    Insadong is definitely worth checking out as it has the most concentrated area of traditional Korean style architecture and is also a great place to go shopping for unique souvenirs. Namdaemun is a huge indoor and outdoor market where you can buy anything and everything. It's a good place to buy inexpensive souvenirs, but also sample a variety of street foods. Gyeongbok Palace and Changdeok Palace are fairly close to each other and in the same are as Insadong. They're both perfect examples of Korea's royal history. Changdeok also has a 'Secret Garden' which is a must see. Make sure you check tour times and book ahead of time because they fill up quick. Namsan Tower is a huge transmission antenna with an observation deck. It's offers a great view of all of Seoul and is situated at the top of a hill in Namsan Park. You can walk up the steep hill or hop on a bus and save your legs the workout. Skip the restaurant at Namsan Tower; it's overpriced and the quality of the food just isn't there. Noryangjin Fish Market is such a unique experience and is worth going to check out. You can buy fresh fish on the first floor and have restaurants upstairs prepare it for you on the spot. Make sure you sample all kinds of Korean food while you're here. Most people know about bulgogi and Korean bbq (samgyeopsal or Korean bacon is the most famous), but you should also try: - kimbap: rice, ham, egg and vegetables wrapped in dried seaweed; a great quick snack - seollongtang: beef and green onion soup - gamjatang: pork stew with potatoes and onions Our favorite restaurant in all of Korea (and quite possibly the world) is Jung Sik Dang in Apgujeong. It's a Korean gastronomy restaurant and it takes Korea food to a whole new level. If you want a unique experience and some delicious food you need to check it out. You can read more about it on our website: Enjoy your trip. about 9 years ago

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    Thinking of moving to South Korea. What's the best part of the country to live in?

    All of the other responses have been spot on and it really depends on what kind of experience you're looking for. In my opinion, you don't have to be in the center of Seoul (which can be really chaotic) to enjoy it's benefits. One requirement of mine was that no matter where I lived it had to be connected to Seoul via the subway. My city of Ansan has all of the modern conveniences I need, but when I feel like going into Seoul I'm only an hour away on the subway. Good luck! about 9 years ago

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    I have roughly a day layover in Seoul... What's nice to do for cheap?

    Most things in Korea are considerably cheaper than western countries (transportation, food, tourist attractions). The only exception would be accommodations; while still not as expensive as as the west, the cheapest hotel I've been able to find (which will be called a love motel) is about $70 a night. To get out of Incheon Airport take the airport express train or AREX. I think it will cost you about $3 to take the 20 minute trip to Seoul Station in the center of Seoul. From there you can transfer to the normal subway system, catch a bus or just start walking. There's a great website for the subway system: Click on the green 'Cyber Station' button in the lower left hand corner to use the interactive map. Once your in Seoul it's up to you. Here' some suggestions on how to spend your day: If you're into history and culture here's some sightseeing in Seoul 1. Gyeongbok Palace & National Folk Museum 2. Changdeok Palace & Secret Garden 3. Bongwong-Sa Temple 4. Namsam Tower Or if you want to do some shopping in Seoul: 1. Insadong - traditional area of Seoul with lots of artists and handmade crafts 2. Namdaemun - huge traditional market with all kinds of souvenirs 3. Dongdaemun - another huge market and the best place to go for clothes I would also recommend that you do some research on Korean food and find what you might like. Then ask around for the best restaurant in the area. Korean barbecue is amazing and my favorite thing to order is samgyeopsal. You can also try some soups like kimchi jiggae, seollongtang or doenjang guk. Have fun. over 8 years ago