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May 2011

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    Is Nigeria a safe country

    I have lived in Nigeria on and off for the last 30 years. Judging by the name, it looks like Mr. Ologe is a Nigerian himself conducting some kind of a research. Nigeria is a third world country and has the same safety problems as most other such countries. The issues result from the fact that the State does not really act as one and does not render the minimal services to its citizens that in a developed country are naturally expected: there is no central I.D. registration, no health care system, no emergency numbers for police, ambulance or fire brigade or any nationwide social security services. It is a democracy but not really and the country is deeply divided on ethnic and clans rivalry fights between the north and south and almost any other geographical section. One may disappear over night without anyone really caring about it unless he has a close family. When one asks about safety - he must be more specific. Safety for who and where? Is a safe country for tourists or for the thousands of expatriates that live here or is it safe for its locals. And if locals - is it safe for the rich ones or for the regular or poor ones? Safety as compared to which country? One matter is clear - the Nigerian police is not really something they can be proud of and the locals will think twice before getting any matter to them. Nevertheless, in spite of the above, the average Nigerian is openhearted and tolerant and I have felt at home here all during the many years I have been in Nigeria as an expatriate. I would categorically NOT recommend it as a place for tourists unless exceptionally adventurous. about 9 years ago