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    What's the best place to stay in Kathmandu?

    Thamel, the most touristy part of Kathmandu, is probably the best place to stay as a tourist. It is central and convenient and packed with guesthouses. Otherwise there is Freak Street, next to Durbar Square, but it is not the thriving neighbourhood I believe it once was. over 9 years ago

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    I have a 24 hour layover in Beijing and want to see the great wall of china. Is there any hotels / hostels close by ?

    Victor is right. You can't stay near the Great Wall, but stay near the airport and set up a tour through your hotel. They all do it. over 9 years ago

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    Water purification in Nepal

    I recommend bring purification tablets, which you can buy locally in Kathmandu before your trek. Even if you end up mostly drinking boiled water (we did - hot water bottle by night, drinking water by morning) they are handy and quick and easy to use. Check out KEEP in Katmandu before you go and grab reliable supplies and advise. Don't drink any water in Nepal without treating it first. Seriously. And bring some antibiotics with you trekking - ask a pharmacist in Kathmandu what you need for stomach bugs and buy it (it's over the counter and dirt cheap). Just in case. over 9 years ago