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May 2011

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    What is the best way to get from montezuma, CR to monteverde?

    There are 2 ways that I know of: 1) Get a shuttle from one of the tour agencies in Montezuma. This will take you direct to Monteverde but will cost you a bit of $$. Can't remember exactly how much though. $40 or $50 maybe; or 2) Get a bus to the ferry at Paquera (about 1000 colones I think...6:30am and 2:30pm), get the ferry over to Puntarenas (810 colones...every hour), and then get a bus from there to Monteverde (about 1200 colones I think). I did this trip in reverse about 3 weeks ago. It was pretty simple, but when we got off the bus in Puntarenas we were in the centre of town so we had to walk to the ferry. Not a big deal, but you might want to look into where exactly the Puntarenas - Monteverde bus leaves. over 8 years ago

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    We are traveling to Cuba in November for 3 weeks. It's my second time and would love to take the alternative route. Any suggestions?

    Not too sure where you went to last time but here are our favourites: Vinales (Pinar del Rio Province) - Lot's of places to explore through hiking and horse riding. Heaps of beautiful nature to see and places to visit such as tobacco farms and cave systems (from memory the caves just outside Vinales are the 2nd or 3rd largest cave system in Latin America). Cayo Jutias - Stunning beach, beautiful white sand and clear blue water. On the coast north of Vinales. Not a lot to do there, but the scenery is stunning. Trinidad - Our favourite city in Cuba. Lots of things to do around town. Plenty of nightlife. And heaps to do for day trips as well. Hope this helps. Have fun! almost 8 years ago

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    Is it currently safe to travel to Guatemala? We want to cross through Mexican border and travel to Antigua, Atitlan...

    No problem at all. We went by bus from San Cristobal in Mexico down to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, and then eventually on to Antigua. Totally safe, and we had a fantastic time. Have fun. almost 8 years ago