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May 2011

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    I'm looking to head to Thailand for 3 weeks, end of august through to sept. What's the best things to do.

    Ive been to thailand 3 times now and the north is very different to the south. Just got back from patong which was party party, But you dont have to go far on a scooter to get away from the party scene. Karoon beach (phuket) was really nice and still had lots of shops. I also loved Chiang Rai and the treking you can do from there into the hill tribes gives you a different perspective on Thailand to what you would get in Koh Samui or Phuket. Also Chang Mai i have been to twice, great markets and food. Bangkok is good to go and see but dont plan on being there for long! If you just want to relax and snorkle look at the little islands around phuket or around koh samui. I have also heard amazing things about laos which you can get to from Chiang Rai but have not been myself! Enjoy! over 9 years ago