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May 2019

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    I'll visit England(Bristol and London)on July,so what should I wear,please tell me some places i should visit and how much € i should take

    Hi, I am sure you have answered this by now but for any others who may be looking for an answer - Bristol does get warm during summer so definitely shorts and t-shirt weather but bring a jacket for the evening as temperatures can sometimes drop a fair bit. If you are travelling as a group and need a minibus there are a range of good providers but definitely do your research. A friend of ours in Bristol has mentioned that Euro coaches are good, I have included a link for you to check out their site but definitely call a few providers for quotes. https://www.eurotaxis.com/services/coaches-and-minibuses/ Enjoy Bristol and make sure to check out some of the great culture the city has to offer! There is a great music scene and a range of great breweries. If cider is your thing, definitely check out the Apple! Money wise, it is up to you but Bristol is not that expensive it is a lot cheaper than London for most things! There is also a good guide to navigating Bristol - I have included this below. https://visitbristol.co.uk/information/visitor-guide Enjoy your stay! 5 months ago