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May 2011

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    What would you suggest to do on a 7-day trip to Sao Paulo? I'm willing to explore outside the city as well

    Sao Paulo is strong in gastronomy -- you will find food from every culture and some of the best pizzas in the world. I would recommend visiting the old centre on foot by day, and going to a few restaurants and bars at night. If you want to try something typical and you're not a vegetarian, try a good Churrascaria or a restaurant specialized in food from Minas Gerais (look for "restaurante mineiro" or "comida mineira"). If you're looking for a nice experience in a beautiful neighbourhood at night, I suggest Moema for restaurants, and Vila Madalena or Vila Olímpia for bars and nightclubs. If you're into art, have a look at the museums and theatres (MAM, MASP, Teatro Municipal). If you like nature and parks, "Parque do Ibirapuera" is nice (but very crowded on sundays, avoid). The closest natural area around the city is "Pico do Jaraguá", where you will find a few activities. If you're not going to any other beach in Brazil, then you may want to go to the litoral north of São Paulo (in the north are the best beaches). It's only 2-3 hours by car or bus. But if you're visiting Rio de Janeiro or other touristic beaches you won't find these very appealing. EDIT: Oh and I highly recommend 'Terraço Itália'. In the top of the building you'll find a piano bar and a restaurant (go for the bar if you you're not willing to spend much). It's the best view of the city at night, good music and a pleasant experience. Have fun! over 8 years ago

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    How safe is Sao Paulo? And Brazil?

    São Paulo is a big city, with different violence rates depending on the neighbourhood you are. The city has a high rate for small crimes and robbery if compared to europe, for example, but many people live their whole lives without ever being robbed or assaulted. I think it would be wise of you to take on a few measures just as a precaution. Take with you only the money you need for the day, leaving the rest at the hotel safe or something like that. Know where is your wallet and cell phone and watch them if you are in a crowded place. If travelling at night, avoid wandering on deserted places, prefer the busy streets, and try to search on the Internet before going somewhere you are not sure of. Touristic places are usually quite safe, but petty criminals keep an eye for tourists and their wallets, so be cautious. In the interior, Brazil feels much safer than in the big cities. over 8 years ago

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    Is there storage facilities at Sao Paolo airport for luggage for a few days?

    Yes, there are lockers in terminals 1 and 2. But since I'm not sure how many days you may keep your luggage locked, you may want to call the company that runs this service to make sure how it works. The company is called Mallex: Malex do Brasil Terminal de passageiros 1 e 2 Telefone: (11) 2445-2501 e 2445-4396 Country code for Brazil is 55, city code is 11 about 8 years ago