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January 2019

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    How bad is the racism against Chinese in Melbourne? And what is the main reason for that?

    Working in an anglo predominant workforce, there is a seething hatred towards people of Asian descent. Your work performance has no impact on how much you are hated, in fact, the better you perform the more they hate you. The manager was too busy flirting with women on the couch and not doing anything productive. I realised that I was clocking into work 30 minutes before work started, and the system was punishing me for coming early. People from English backgrounds criticise you at the smallest opportunities even though their huge mistakes are overlooked. When I was in uni, this German lady screamed at me in front of the class cos I asked a question, bet she was a real Nazi. Don't get me wrong there are decent Aussies, but the rotten apples make this place unbearable. I find it astonishing that Asian coming from the US find racism here shocking and say that they never experienced in back home. I'm about to find out whether I've been stuck on this prison continent. over 1 year ago