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April 2011

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    For a 7 day vacation in Russia, which cities should I plan and what all shoukd we see? Can we get a local amateur guide?

    Hi! In Russia many people can understand English and speak on beginner level. I think, it isn't problem. There are many excursion in English in popular places. But if you want to see snow in our summer, you should travel to mountains or to the northern land. I think, it isn't so good idea for you. 7 days tour is very small for big country like Russia. I think, you would journey to Saint-Petersburg to all 7 days. It is a historical and cultural center of Russia, there are many excursions in English in the all historical places. In July you can see "white nights" and you would travel on boat excursions. It has many hotels and good restaurants/cafe with local and international cuisine. There are some photo from my journey to Saint-Petersburg in July 2013 almost 6 years ago

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    Do the Russians still black out windows on the trans siberian railway like they did in Soviet times?

    I never did't see this situation in all russian railways, neither in SU nor in Russia. about 9 years ago

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    Anyone paid the Russian Military to fly them around in a MIG at the speed of sound? Where did you do it and what was the cost

    It's not a joke, it's realizable. For example On Google,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.,cf.osb&fp=171f1036c741cb16&biw=1260&bih=848&pf=p&pdl=300 almost 9 years ago