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April 2011

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    Trying to plan a trip in May for three people to Ireland. Hoping to stay a few nights in Dublin, Galway. Any ideas to help save $...?

    Hitchhiking is fairly safe in Ireland but I wouldn't personally do it alone. Couchsurf and enjoy some of the best hospitality in the world ( and stay in hostels as an alternative. Enjoy the rural areas rather than the cities (cities are always expensive) - natural beauty of the landscape costs nothing to observe. Cities and towns are usually small enough to walk around in so save money on public transport by taking your time and using your own two feet. Use an ISIC (international student Identity card) if you have one for discounts. And ask for discounts in the shops as well if you are buying goods. Worst they can say is no! Look for happy hours and drink promotions to make your beer money last longer. Check out 'things to do for free in...(insert city name here)' Here are a couple of sites I found for suggestions for free activities in Dublin; Visit Northern Ireland if you can - it is not yet frequented by tourists so lots of undiscovered places to explore. Try tiny Rathlin Island and bring a tent for camping. They used to charge 10 pounds to camp in the field near the harbour and would refund the money if you cleaned the site when you packed up. You can take the ferry there from Ballycastle on the north coast. Amazing bird life and seals here and a population of less than 100 people. Hope that helps. over 9 years ago