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October 2018

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    Tips for traveling to and around Ha Giang // Vietnam

    Hey, hello!! I've been there a few month ago and was the highlight of my year travelling around Asia. Was simply amazing. Very difficult to describe it. You MUST rent a motorbike, maybe practise a little before... Those mountains dererve a little loop on two wheels. I have a Travel Diary of my journey and a lot of info about Ha Giang. Here's the link. (Is in Spanish, sorry... But the map is very usefull) Look at the photos. Heaven is there. https://derivestudio.com/north-extreme-loop-1/ In Ha Giang sleep at ¨Ha Giang 1 Hostel¨, the owner is an angel on earth. And in Du Gia at ¨Du Gia Homestay¨. Hope you enjoy it as much I did!! 11 months ago