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April 2011

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    Looking to spend 2 weeks in the Philippines... suggestions please?

    Thank you for your responses, they have been very helpful. I am still researching the Philippines as I have been to most other parts of South East Asia (Including Thailand and Bali) and am looking for somewhere new! I'd like to think our standards are not too high... def prefer remote places to built up touristy places! I am currently researching both places that were recomended by you both (Bohol and Palawan) and trying to work out the cheapest way to get from either HK or Southern China to Cebu. I have looked at both airlines you suggested but still seeking cheaper! Also, once there how easy/cheap is it to island hop? I heard you have to be careful with timings as boats do not come in/out that frequently? Any info on getting around or other places that may be of interest are greatly appreciated. Thank you Polly over 9 years ago

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    Can you take a small boat trip on the Yangtze river?

    No idea as yet!! We arrive in HK in the middle of September with the idea of spending about two weeks in China. We are currently looking into where to visit... i think we will spend most of our time around Guilin and Yangshou. But we are open to suggestions... Thank you almost 10 years ago

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    Urgent advice on Manila needed...

    Thank you so much for everyones advice. Situation is... there are no flights from Clark to Palawan the dates we need. Hong kong direct to Cebu = coming in about £300 for 2. So in order to do the dates we want and the price (£200 - for 2 people for 5 flights) it means we have to fly into Cark and out of Manila. Our problem is.. we dont know how to get between the two airports considering we arrive at midnight in Clark! and will either catch a 07.30am flight the next day from Manila to Palawan or a midday flight. Any suggestions on how to get between the airports at midnight? safely! Thanks in advance Polly x over 9 years ago