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March 2018

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    I am going to china what is your advise?

    Your question allows many answers, not necessarily 'where should I go'. So after my 3 visits, all in all close to 5 months in China, I will only will answer as to general advise. 1. You cannot prepare enough. I've got a paper, where all my hotel addresses are on it in English AND Chinese, and how to get there. English is mostly useless if you need to ask to go anywhere. 2. It is worthwhile to learn a tiny bit of Mandarin and some basic characters such as numbers (and the handsigns they use for it), east/west/south/north etc. Use a good translator app to communicate, otherwise. 3. Come prepared for the big firewall, with a working VPN (there are numerous ones, but best pay for one). I also have back ups, in case it lets you down. E.g. other than my google account, I also install outlook (no VPN needed), Bing as search engine, and maps other than Google maps (although they are the very best, but often have let me down in China). 4. I now pre-order my Sim card with Unicom, and it awaits me in my first hotel. That means, I have immediately access to maps etc, and don't loose a day to find a shop that will sell it to me, install it etc, which was difficult even in Shanghai. All hotels/hostels have WiFi, and 2 Gigs should be enough for about 1 month, if you are careful. I only ever buy data. 5. It is useful to install WeChat, again, no VPN needed, and replaces phone calls if you have to communicate with Chinese people. They all have it. My partner back in NZ also installed it, and it was the easiest way to keep in touch with him. 6. Forget about credit cards, except if you stay in top hotels. For us, ATM withdrawals (they are everywhere, but not always working) are quite expensive, and I very much enjoyed my last holidays when I brought cash with me and didn't have to worry finding the next working ATM. I carry it on my body around my waist, invisibly, always, but that is not everyone's preference. 7. Book hotels in advance (C-trip, Agoda, Remember, some trains also need booking in advance. Bus Terminals are often hidden behind huge buildings. about 2 years ago